1. Study of Novel membrane active Peptides from Marine Organisms and their applications in Human Theragnostics (PI): DBT (Ongoing)

  2. Transcorneal penetration of Multifunctional Enveloped Nano Device (MEND) carrying antifungal drug molecule Natamycin-Cell Penetrating Peptide (CPP) conjugate in an experimental animal model of F.solani keratitis (Co-PI): DST nanomission (Ongoing)

  3. Phenomics of Moisture Deficit Stress tolerance and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Rice and Wheat-Phase II (Co-I): INASF-ICAR (Ongoing)

  4. Biomaterials for efficient delivery of antifungals for the Treatment of Fungal Keratitis (PI): DBT

  5. Characterisation of Cell Penetrating Peptides as antimicrobials Against Plant Pathogens (PI):RGYI-DBT

  6. Phenomics of moisture deficit and low temperature stress tolerance in rice: Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

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